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Cambodia Tour Travel Advices by Cambodian Trails Private Guided Angkor Tour


Food & Health

We do not recommend raw foods such as beef salads (raw beef & vegetables) , shrimp Koh Kong(raw iced shrimps) or local cambodian fishpaste (fermented fish) unless you order it from our recommended restaurants.

We recommend the local filtered bottled water named Oral or Lyyon as well as all western imported brands. Ice cubes are sometimes made out of unfiltered water and transported by trucks so we recommend moderate use of ice in khmer cafes and restaurants. Alternatively hot beverages like tea and coffee are usually safe to consume because the water has been boiled.

Malaria & Dengue Fever are still widespread but less so in air-conditionned Hotels that have sealed windows. If you stay in guesthouses with traditional ventilation (windows & fans) you should use mosquito repellent cream or sprays.

To help your body recover nicely from the touring efforts of the day we do recommend the Massage Services in Cambodia because it is very affordable and therapeutic massages are still an important traditional therapy in Cambodia.


February-June Hot and dry . Blue skies and the daily temperatures goes from 35 degrees to 40 degrees .

July-October Rainy season. Floodings will usually appear during August/September/October and the temperature is 25-35 degrees daily.

November-January winter it will be slightly cool at night . Expect temperatures from 17 degrees at night to 30 degrees at noon.

Road Safety and Insurance Coverage

Roads are still relatively unsafe in Cambodia especially for pedestrians and 2 wheelers because of the rather chaotic nature of the traffic and crowded sidewalks. During longer trips you will experience that on cambodian highways it is the norm that cows, buffalows, bicycles and busses all have to share a single lane of traffic.We recommend that you request a travel insurance with your flight ticket which is generally inexpensive but will provide you with additional coverage which is generally unavailable in Cambodia.


Etiquette in Ankgor

There are many children selling souvenirs such as scarfs, bracelets, guide books and so on, we don't recommend to purchase items from these children because they might harrass you and insult you if you actually don't purchase their items which is disappointing to hear. On the other hand is if you are purchasing their items you are encouraging them not to go to school because their parents are pushing them to continue this activity and they might never have the opportunity to access to primary education to really improve their lives. The other thing is in the near future, the Cambodian goverment will try to prohibit this kind of children exploitation. The other option is to follow our philantropic advices.